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HOT! The GSM Controller RTU5010/RTU5011 24 hours a zero intermittent monitoring

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New Program Software Released!

More Easier,More Professional,More Reliable!
The GSM Controller RTU5010/RTU5011 is a universal GSM dialer and controller as well as a GSM Remote Control and Alarm Unit. it provides 4/8 relay drivable outputs(12V-24V),4 Analog Inputs and up to 8 NC/NO inputs and RS232 Serial Port. It allows you to monitor and control an alarm or remote stations or equipments or machines by SMS (Short Message Service) Or transport data between user and PLC. Another, it can transmit data from apparatus (thermometer, humidity meter, electric meter, flow meter) to user or monitoring center by SMS(GSM DTU).
(The Different from RTU5010 is the GSM Controller RTU5011with 8 Digital NC/NO inputs,8 relay drivable Outputs, 4 Analog inputs, Microphone and Speaker . The GSM Controller RTU5010 with 4 I/O ports, without AD inputs, Microphone and Speaker. The other functions are the same.)

>>>>>The GSM Controller RTU5010/RTU5011 can be used as:
A switch with SMS remote control.
A timer-switch which can be activated automatically.
A relay with dialling-in remote control.
An automation system.
A SMS reporter.
A data transporter (GSM DTU, GSM M2M).
A GSM Alarm system.
A GSM Remote Terminals (GSM RTU).
A switch with SMS remote control. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off are configurable.

A timer-switch which can be activated automatically. It can be used as preset when the GSM Controller need work and when it needn‘t work. The user can set 6 appointed time.
A relay with dialing-in remote control. Up to 10 tel. numbers can be authorized for it. Because calls are not answered dialing-in control within GSM is free of charge. (it only checks the caller’s number and - if the number is authorized - responds with relay activation.) This can be used for parking latch control, gsm gate opener, remote control machine, etc.

An automation system. Each input can link to output actions, this is very useful when the temperature up to appointed value, need switch on the air-conditioning immediately, or when water overflow and need switch on the dryer, or when somebody broken into the door or windows need to start the CCTV and Siren.

A SMS reporter. The 4 Inputs activations or deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls. Each input can have its own message texts and the message can be programmed by users.

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  • Dodano: 2014-07-23
  • Ważne do: Oferta archiwalna
  • Miejsce produkcji: China
  • Marka: Guangdong
  • Pakowanie: Shenzhen
  • Warunki płatności: L/C D/A T/T
  • Czas dostawy: 5 dni
  • Minimalne zamówienie: 5 pieces
  • Zdolności wytwórcze: 10000 pieces one month
  • Certyfikaty: Industy controller
  • Cena netto: 60 USD / szt.

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